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In a report yesterday, Joe Smith of North Miami paid the price for not going to Dade PC for his computer technology needs. He was last seen hovering in the corner of his home office about 3 feet away from his PC. He claimed that the computer was “laughing at him hysterically”. Authorities report that there was no evidence that his computer was actually emitting sounds of laughter. In fact, his sound card wasn’t even working. By 1pm, Joe was completely locked out of his home network with no access to his most crucial files. At press time, there was no word on the future of Joe’s mental stability.

Don’t let this become the headline for you or your company!

When technology goes down… so does your productivity. Dade PC will keep your down time to a minimal so you can keep your business running smoothly.

If wireless networking translates to shouting obscene language at your PC when a file won’t transfer… you need Dade PC!

If you think a firewall is something you throw your PC into when it fails to cooperate… you need Dade PC!

From installation of new software and installing hardware, to keeping a business-based or home-based network up to par, Dade PC can help. We specialize in building, maintaining, and even troubleshooting your computer setup… cost effectively!

Dade PC will show you how to use your technology the way it was meant to be used. If you’re new in the world of today’s technology, or you just cannot spend the time to attend to the needs of your computer or IT framework needs, Dade PC will customize a home or office service to fit your needs.

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